Laura Travis

Show day….Sunday May 12th!

20 weeks of hard work paid off for those 5 minutes on stage. What an incredible feeling and experience.

I decided in July 2018 that I was going to embark on this journey and set out my plan of what needed to be done. My reason? To take myself out of my comfort zone to achieve something I never thought I would. I have always been a goal orientated person, I thrive off challenging myself in life whether that be my physique, my mental strength or growing my business.

If you ask anyone that knows me, I am definitely NOT a girl that likes my hair and make up done nor am I comfortable in heels. To me this was the biggest transformation as I am what you might call, a basic bitch, 😂 minimal make up, hair up and active wear!
I had 20 weeks to get my sass on 💁🏼‍♀️

I was super nervous before going on but that was good as it got the adrenaline pumping. The weird thing was as I stood waiting to go on with the other girls in my category, it was almost slow motion, I took a deep breath and off we went.
I ROCKED IT and felt really comfortable up there. I lapped it up and why the fuck not. I had worked my ass off for weeks, I had no social life for 4.5 months so I was going to make the most of it. My supporters (team Travis) were amazing the whole day and really cheered their socks off for me 💕
I came off stage with the biggest smile, sense of self achievement and self love.

The journey to get to these pictures is one I won’t forget anytime soon for many reasons. There were great times but there were also very hard times but that’s for another blog! Check out @lauras_journey_to_ukbff on Instagram to see more about my journey up to show day and beyond.

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